I’m Carly-Rae - Feelings Curator / Creative Producer + cry baby. I studied psychology in university + have always been so confused/intrigued by human emotion + experience. I like to think my curiosity propels me into all my creative endeavors. 

Ordinarily Honest started in 2015 sometime, I think I was longing for connection or something + venting through a blog seemed to be the right solution. I would write about struggles as an early 20s human, unsure of what lies ahead but eager to be as grown up as possible, as quick as possible. I had recently moved to Vancouver + I had a lot of thoughts, but no one to discuss them with. Just now while writing this I realized, ordinarily honest, at the start, was simply created to provide a point of human connection. For me, it was somewhere where I could be completely honest, drop whats on my mind and then move on. Sometimes I would come back + revisit the thoughts, but usually the action of voicing the feelings helped. 

OH has lived a lot of lives and I‘m constantly reminding myself that these evolutions are not failures, but instead they are lessons. With all of these lessons + versions of Ordinarily Honest, I’ve boiled it down to what I think I was looking to create all along.

Welcome to Ordinarily Honest. This is a space to feel, think, wonder + learn, with no expectations or judgment. A space where vulnerability + emotions are translated through art. An opportunity to find a little calm, whatever that means to you.

Wanna connect? find me here ︎

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